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In this website you can read about the various flight simulator enhancement experiments I have undertaken over the years. For a quick start, you can click the pictures below, or read the various chapters listed on the left side one by one.  Enjoy!

After 2 years of absence, we are all looking forward to this years FSWeekend!
Of course I will be present again with my motion cockpit, with some new tweaks and challenges. Hope to see you there!
New to FSWeekend? See this promo video from a few years back!

Last Updates:

bulletJanuary 2022: Added a Digital Dividing Head section to the Building a Lathe and Mill page.
bulletDecember 2020: Added the Building a Lathe and Mill page.
bulletNovember 2019: FSweekend 2019 video can be seen here. Another great event! I had installed a Carrier landing and take-off addon, please see this video.
bulletOctober 2019: For building a new actuator, I needed a lathe. So I build my own DIY Lathe!
bulletSeptember 2019: FSweekend 2018 was again a great event, many old friends and newcomers: see the video
bulletSeptember 2018: FSweekend 2018 is coming again! Some new tweaks to the rigs will be shown.
bulletOctober 2017: FSweekend 2017 is approaching! A new machine and FSX for demo!
bulletOctober 2015: Added a video presentation of the Motion Cockpit
bulletJanuary 2015: Updated DIY Motion Platform V page
bulletOctober 13, 2013: Updated BFF Shaker System page.
bulletSeptember 1, 2013: Made a video of the linear actuator design.
bulletJun 22: Added BFF Shaker System page with new vibration tutorial video
bulletJun 1, 2013: Added new DIY Motion Platform V page and Mechanical Components V page
bulletFeb 17, 2013: Added new 6DoF idea on New Ideas page.
bulletFeb 10, 2013: Updated Electrical Drive IV page
bulletDec 16, 2012: Added Electrical Drive IV page
bulletNov 8, 2012: Added FSWeekend 2012 page with video and pictures
bulletOct 30, 2012: added video of Force Feedback Yoke II
bulletOct 14, 2012: Updated DIY Motion Platform IV page with FSweekend 2012 info
bulletOct 14, 2012: Added Cockpit Lighting page
bulletSep 23, 2012: Added Force Feedback Yoke II page.
bulletSep 22, 2012: Added MS Sidewinder Forcefeedback2 hack page
bulletNov 14, 2011: updated FSWeekend 2011 page
bulletNov 9, 2011: Added FSWeekend 2011 video
bulletNov 9, 2011: Added Instrument Panel Module page, updated Flight Yoke II
bulletAug 17, 2011: Got side tracked with some R/C project: Guppy Foam Glider.
bulletFeb 15, 2011: Added Electric Elevator Trim page.
bulletJan 16, 2011: Added new pages: Multi-Monitor with TH2Go, Alternative Transducer Constructions Updated pages: Software Enhancements, Motion Platform, New Ideas , 3LCD's with 3 Fresnel Lenses
bulletDec 26, 2010: New tutorial video on 3 LCD's and 3 Fresnel lenses and instrument panel display
bulletNov 21, 2010: Added Rudder Pedals IV page
bulletNov 15, 2010: Added 3 LCD's and 3 Fresnel lenses page  in visuals section, and updated Modular Simpit.
bulletNov 14, 2010: Added new pages Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant
bulletNov 2, 2010: Added generation IV motion cockpit video

Building a lathe and mill


Motion Platform


Flight stick

Tactile Transducers

Software enhancements and screen shots


Real simulator